Quick Answer: What Size Truck Can I Drive On A Car Licence?

What trucks can you drive on a car Licence?

A Class C licence allows you to drive cars, utes, vans, some light trucks, car-based motor tricycles, tractors, and implements such as graders.

Motorcycle and scooter riders must have a Class R licence.

What is the largest truck you can drive on a car Licence?

The good news is that the biggest truck that can be driven on a car licence is quite big, the slightly concerning news is that that means a lot of people you see struggling to park, or manoeuvre, a Toyota Yaris are legally allowed to hit the road in something massive.

Can I drive a 7.5 ton lorry on a car Licence?

The driving licence requirements for a 7.5-tonne vehicle vary depending on when a driver got their car driving licence. However, drivers who passed their car driving test from 1 January 1997 will have to take a separate C1 test in order to drive a 7.5-tonne truck, or any vehicle weighing in excess of 3.5 tonnes.

Can you drive a bus on a car Licence?

driving licence you can drive any of the following vehicles (known as exempted passenger carrying vehicles). A bus made more than 30 years before the date it is being driven, and not used for business purposes or for carrying more than eight passengers.