Quick Answer: What Is CPI Digital Marketing?

CPI stands for “cost per install,” and should not be confused with the identical acronym for “cost per impression.” While marketing campaigns can exist for both, cost per install has become the dominant approach for the mobile advertising industry.

What does CPI mean in marketing?

CPI is the cost or expense incurred for each potential customer who views the advertisement(s), while CPM refers to the cost or expense incurred for every thousand potential customers who view the advertisement(s).

What is CPA in digital marketing?

Cost per action (CPA) is an online advertising marketing strategy that allows an advertiser to pay for a specified action from a prospective customer. Doing a CPA campaign is relatively low risk for the advertiser, as payment only has to be made when a specific action takes place.

What is CPA and CPI?

CPA and CPI. The first one stands for Cost per Action, while the other stands for Cost per Install. These two terms deal with the model of cost calculation that will be considered in the contract you have with the advertiser, which is the company that owns the offers.

What is CPC and CPM in digital marketing?

CPM stands for cost per thousand Impressions (the M is the Roman numeral abbreviation for 1,000.) CPM is one of the most common ways of buying digital media. You essential- ly pay for every time your ad loads on a page or in an app. CPC stands for cost per click advertising.