How Many 15 Hour Days Can A HGV Driver Do In A Week?


How many hours can a HGV driver work in a week?

The answer to this commonly asked question is a HGV driver can have no less than 9 hours’ daily rest within a 24 hour period up to three times in a week. This means a HGV driver can work a maximum of three 15 hour days a week (as long as all other working time rules are met).

How long can you drive on a tachograph?

1) Tachograph Rules – Maximum Driving Hours

The daily maximum driving hours is set to 9 hours but this can be exceeded to 10 hours twice each week. The weekly maximum driving hours can total no more than 56 hours.

What is the normal weekly rest period?

The maximum driving time over any two weeks is 90 hours. You must take a daily rest period within 24 hours of the previous daily or weekly rest period. A regular daily rest period is defined as a rest of at least 11 hours. ‘Rest’ is an uninterrupted period where you may do what you like.

What is the rule for compensation for reduced weekly rest?

The standard weekly rest requirement is 45 hours after no more than 6 consecutive duties. You may reduce this to a minimum of 24 hours which must then be compensated for by the end of the third week following the reduced weekly rest.