Quick Answer: How Can I Make My Blog Profitable?

Here’s my complete step-by-step process for how to make money blogging:

  • Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche.
  • Level up Your Content Skills.
  • Figure out Which Traffic Sport to Play.
  • Grow Your Email List with Pop Ups.
  • Begin Monetizing with Affiliate Programs.
  • Develop a Unique Mechanism.
  • Launch the Minimum Viable Funnel.

Is blogging still profitable in 2019?

Today, blogging still functions in that way, but a lot has changed. In 2019, blogging has become a profitable online profession. In today’s time, you can easily start a blog in less than 10 minutes.

How do I make my blog lucrative?

5 Proven Strategies to Build a Profitable Blog

  1. Be Open About Who You Are.
  2. Get to Know Your Audience and Give Them What They Need.
  3. Build Your Email List From the Start.
  4. Focus on a Core Group of Affiliate Products.
  5. Create Your Own Product.

How do beginner blogs make money?

Let me break them down for you.

  • Affiliate Income. One of the easiest and most common ways to make money blogging, for beginners, is affiliate marketing.
  • eBooks. If you want to sell your own products, an ebook is a great way to make money blogging.
  • Online Courses.
  • Freelance Writing.
  • Google Adsense.
  • Coaching and Consulting.

How long before a blog becomes profitable?

If you’re a beginner allow 6 months to make coffee money (a few dollars a month), 12 months to make a part-time income and 24 months to make a full-time income. Your results may vary of course, but after being active in the blogging world for 15+ years, these are reasonable averages.