Quick Answer: Can I Use Debit Card For Google AdWords?

Can I use my debit card for Google AdWords?

Automatic Payment: You can use a credit card or debit card.

All you need to do just click on the payment setting and add your google ads account and make the primary payment method.

Does Google AdWords accept debit card?

A payment method is what you use to pay for Google Ads. The payment methods available for your account will depend on your country and currency. Your card issuer or bank may require this extra verification when you make a payment, add a new credit or debit card, or at the card issuer or bank’s discretion.

Does Google AdWords accept prepaid cards?

Google accept prepaid cards. It can be the isse with you ip or something is blocking your payment. I tried 4 different cards. Sometimes Google accept , sometimes does not accept.

How do I pay for Google ad words?

Sign in to your Google Ads account at https://ads.google.com.

  • Click the tools icon and choose Billing & payments.
  • Click Make a payment.

Can I pay Google AdWords with PayPal?

Paypal Now Available in AdWords

The e-commerce giant has extended its services to AdWords. Now, businesses can use PayPal for automatic payments in AdWords accounts. To set PayPal as the desired payment method, users will need to ensure their account’s billing address and currency combination match (i.e.